October 2011
Parking Lot Resurfacing
September 2011
New Rescue Tools Placed in Service
July 2011
Fire Investigation




On Sunday October 14th crew members from station 59 were proud to wear their pink t-shirts in support of breast cancer awareness while hosting the monthly breakfast. Several firefighters also purchased pink furnace pieces for their helmets to help raise awareness.


Breast Cancer Awareness T-Shirt Sale

Shirts are still available for purchase by anyone who would like to join Silverdale's brave men and women in showing their support. Cost is $13 and proceeds from all sales will be donated to the Breast Cancer Coalition of Pennsylvania.

Contact the station at (215) 257-9620 or email info@silverdalefd.org



Welcome to Silverdale Volunteer Fire Company


The volunteers of Silverdale Fire Department continue to work hard and train even harder. Last year we responded to over 550 calls!


In the meanwhile, just like you, our normal day to day operating, maintenance and training expenses, however, continue to grow. Once again, we are asking you to PLEASE dig deep, and continue to support your volunteer firefighters. These dedicated men and women selflessly put themselves in harms way to protect the people and property in our great community. Only through your support can we continue to provide them with the tools, training and support they need to do this heroic work.


Volunteers do not just save lives, they will save Silverdale Borough and Hilltown Township tax dollars, and keep insurance rates low. By maintaining a high level of training and preparedness, our active volunteers help keep the ISO Public Protection Classification Ratings low, which helps keep your insurance rates down. Now it's your turn to be a hero, and be part of a great tradition of service.

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2012 has been a busy year for the Silverdale Volunteer Fire Company. In the past year members finished renovations to the banquet hall, installed a sign on the apparatus building, paved the parking lot, and installed new windows in the main building. Work will continue in as we prepare for our 100th anniversary in 2014.

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