Learn about the Silverdale Fire Company!

The Silverdale Volunteer Fire Company is a small, progressive, safety-oriented organization that provides a wide range of emergency and non-emergency services to its community. With a focus on training and member involvement, you won’t feel left out, and the friendly nature of the officers and other members makes everyone feel welcome. The organization is willing to accommodate your schedule with a wide variety of volunteer opportunities, and everyone’s contribution is appreciated – be it one hour or one hundred.

Responsible for Silverdale Borough and Hilltown Township, your role as a volunteer firefighter, working in tandem with other volunteers, ensures the safety of the citizens of our community and protects the property and businesses that make our borough and township great. You will be looked upon as a role model, protector, and lifesaver. Our dedication to excellence and commitment to safety have been recognized by the borough, township, and state.

Become a Member!

After the meeting with the membership committee, your name will be presented to the members at the next business meeting. The membership committee will contact you with the results.

Members without any prior firefighting experience will need to complete basic firefighting training classes. All required training classes are made available at no cost to members and have varying availability to accommodate most people’s schedules. All firefighters receive basic firefighting training by certified instructors at local accredited training facilities. Additional training is offered in advanced firefighting, vehicle rescues, and pump operation and in other specialized areas that further enhance our skill set. Besides attending training offered at the fire school and responding to emergency calls, members meet the first Tuesday of the month for business meetings and the second, third, and fourth Tuesdays for training.

Once a member has attained certain minimum levels of training, they are able to participate in fire suppression and rescue operations. After additional training, members become apparatus drivers and operators. There are many opportunities for members to participate in various fire company activities and committees such as fire prevention and education, fundraising and training. There are over ten different committees that a member can participate in. Members may also have many opportunities to serve the fire company in many administrative and officer positions. Volunteer members of the Silverdale Fire Company are expected to participate on a regular basis within the limits of their personal schedules.

Junior Firefighter Program

We have a Junior Firefighting program designed for those who are 14 years old to 18 years old. They will be given gear and training, provided through the fire company, and will learning everything it takes to become a firefighter. It is designed to give younger members an idea of what is to come when they are certified and of age to be an active member. If interested, please stop the firehouse on any Tuesday night around 7pm to talk to our members, or please feel free to call us at (215) 257-9620.



Family, jobs, commitments…. We work with our prospective firefighters to ensure a smooth volunteer experience.



Advancement opportunities are available. You are limited only by your own ambition.



Making a difference is what it’s all about.


Working as a contributing member of a well-trained team, at the end of the day, it’s always job well done.



Civic pride in making the township a better and safer place through your dedication and commitment.



Members of your crew become as close as family members and are willing to do anything for you in a time of need.



Firefighters are regarded as the true heroes of every community. Service in the department results in community admiration and recognition.



Silverdale Fire Company 2023 Recruitment Campaign

The Silverdale Volunteer Fire Company is looking to expand its ranks to keep pace with the surrounding population increase. Do you work in the Silverdale area and have an employer that would allow you to serve the local community? Many employers will still pay their employees if they respond to fires and other emergencies during the day because you are protecting their area of business.

Do you work at home, or are you self-employed and able to respond to emergencies during the day? Join a progressive, safety-oriented fire department that has an excellent retention program. We pay for all of your training, yearly physicals, uniforms, and many other things that will make your service to the Silverdale Borough and Hilltown Township area a very rewarding experience. Only available nights and weekends? No problem. We provide the same initiatives regardless of when you are available.

Contact the station, talk to any of our members, or stop by any Tuesday night after 7 p.m. to learn more and to get an application.