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The organization of a Volunteer Fire Company in the Borough of Silverdale on November 11, 1914, was effected as a result of a rather serious fire at the Silverdale bakery earlier that year. The movement was headed by Henry A. Shaffer. He called a meeting for Wednesday, November 11, 1914, which was held at the clothing factory owned and operated by Jacob C. Wismer. Organization took place at the initial meeting, when 24 members were enrolled.

Henry A. Shaffer
Vice President
William S. Wismer
Recording Secretary
William W. Allabough
Jacob C. Wismer
Milton G. Detweiler
Amos S. Beringer
Samuel M. Yoder
William S. Wismer
Assistant Chief
Levi E. Yoder
William W. Allabough
Assistant Forman
Ferd Betz
Oswin D. Imhof
Henry Roth
Fire Police
Jonathan Gulick
J. C. Wismer
Frank Sherm
M. A. Renner
Samuel M. Yoder
By-Laws Committee
Frank C. Richman
Frank E. Yoder
Milton G. Detweiler
Samuel M. Yoder
Ellis D. Moyer
Investigating Committee
William K. Miller
Howard F Crouthamel
Jacob C. Wismer
Warren D. Crouthamel
Horace H. Frantz
Benefits Committee
Robert F. Detweiler
H. C. Reiff
Frank C. Richman
James Harvey Jr.
Horace H. Frantz
The first three meetings were held in the Wismer Factory. Permanent quarters were then established in the office and packing room of William W. Allabough’s greenhouse.
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January 12, 1915, the company purchased its first equipment, eight Paragon fire extinguishers and two dozen charges, at a cost of $60.00. On February 2, 1915, six buckets were added to the company’s equipment. The first vehicle used by the company was owned by J. C. Wismer, and was a Jeffrey truck used in his clothing business.


  • On June 8, 1915, the company received a bell from the Perkasie Fire Company. This bell is in front of the fire house today.
  • The Company’s first call was on August 8, 1915, when lightning struck the barn on the Howard Sensinger Farm in Hilltown.
  • The Company became a member of the Bucks County Fireman’s Association in 1916.
  • The Ladies Auxiliary was first organized April 1, 1919. In 1934 they discontinued operation.
  • July 1920 they received the Company Charter.
  • November 1921 they purchased the present lot from J. D. Yoder.
  • February 14, 1923, they approved plans for building.
  • May 25, 1924, the building was dedicated.
  • In 1924, the building was used for school due to a fire in the schoolhouse.
  • In 1931, the first organized Boy Scout Troop was started by the Company.
  • August 8, 1939, the present Ladies Auxiliary was organized.
  • In March 1948, the Company sponsored the Boy Scout Troop No. 65.
  • In 1950, the firehouse was used for school.
  • In June 1958, they began using 2-way radios in the trucks and firehouse.


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The third quarter-century was marked by a rapid increase in development within the company’s coverage area. This development created a need for additional equipment and facilities. In December 1966, the company purchased the small house next door and has been using it as a rental property since that time.

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The need for additional storage space for larger, heavier, apparatus led the Company to erect a metal building behind the firehouse in February 1975. In August 1979, the company authorized the purchase of a Pierce 1000 gpm Pumper.

In 1984, the company purchased a 1984 International 4000 gallon tanker. In 1988, the company purchased a 1965 Ford and placed it in service as a Special Service Unit, carrying a cascade system and provisions for personnel and SCBA.

Fire Truck
In 2023, the Silverdale Volunteer Fire Company remains 100% volunteer. We currently cover Silverdale Borough and 29% of Hilltown Township. Our neighboring fire departments include Sellersville Volunteer Fire Company, Perkasie Fire Company, Hilltown Volunteer Fire Company, Dublin Volunteer Fire Company, Souderton Fire Company, and Telford Volunteer Fire Company. Our business meetings are on the first Tuesday of each month. Training/drills are held on the remaining Tuesdays.