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Fire Chief / James Chavous

Deputy Chief / Tony Genna

Assistant Chief / Greg Hill

Captain / Mike Aubertin

Chief Engineer / Keith Seifert

Fire Police Captain / Jim Pruitt



President / Tony Genna

Vice President / John Gillespie

Secretary / Heidi Aubertin

Financial Secretary / Heather Klitsch

Treasures / James Burne

Assistant Treasurer / Jenn Pruitt

Trustees / Barry Batman, Clair Black, William Boorse, Keith Seifert



* Notes Life Members       ** Notes Fire Police

Matt Alderfer
Michael Aubertin
Barry Batman*
Clair L. Black*
William Boorse*
Christian Browne
Christian Browne II
Madison Browne
Ron Buskirk*
James Burne

Amber Caruso
James Chavous
Mathew Dager
Larry Fell*
William Gartner*
Joseph Gasiewski
Tony Genna
John Gillespie*
Charles Heiland*
Gregory Hill
David Jones*
Kenneth Knapp*
Bradley Kratz
Ava Lewis
Rene Lutz
Lowell Musselman*
Jack Nace*
Sonia Pate
Robert Pietangelo
Luke Pignatelli
James Pruitt**
Jennifer Pruitt**
William Reese*
Arthur Schmell*
Addison Schweizerhof
Keith Seifert
Michael Sinitsky
Charles Stockert*
Jacob Swartley
Kenneth Walters*
Chris Ware
Ron Woland*



Wendy Browne
Court Frick
Chris Fulk
William E. Gartner
Heather Klitsch
Carol Miller
Grayson Peak
Amy Seifert
Carl Wagner
Heidi Aubertin



William S Wismer / 1916 – 1917
William W. Allabough / 1918
Joseph Hemmerle / 1919
Oswin D. Imhof / 1920
Harvey Miller / 1921
Levi Yoder / 1922
Linford Rosenberger / 1923

Harvey Miller / 1924 – 1936
Franklin Benner / 1937 – 1941
Luther Yost / 1942 – 1969
Harry Rosenberger Jr. / 1970 – 1975
Kenneth Kuhn / 1975 – 1990
Larry Fell / 1990
William Steinrock / 1991 – Sept. 1995

Charles Stockert / Sept. 1995 – 1996
John Gillespie / 1997 – 1998
Chuck Stockert / 1999 – Aug. 1999
Keith Seifert / Aug. 1999 – Sept. 2002
John Gillespie / Sept. 2002 – 2006
Keith Seifert / 2007 – 2020
James Chavous / 2020 – Present